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Polished Household Items

Click Website Photos for Larger Prints
Before ~ After
Antique Brass Lamp

Before ~ After
Antique Silver Tea Set

Before ~ After
Antique Fire Extinguisher

Before ~ After
Antique Fire Hoze Nozzle

Before ~ After
Brass Teapot

Before ~ After
Antique Brass Hotel Bell

Before ~ After
Drive In Speakers

Before ~ After
Retro Clock Cases
(No Before Picture)

Before ~ After
Antique Fire Extinguisher's
(No Before Picture)

Polished Household Items

It is amazing how many items around the house can be polished. Display eye catching antiques. Make silverware sparkle. Let a lamp's details radiate.

Stop for a moment and look around the room. Do you have any brass lamps? Teapots, candle holders, even pots and pans can become new again. Let them have a well deserved polishing.

Finishing Touch can take household items from your home and polish and buff them to display exquisite condition. Brass is meant to gleam.

Contact Finishing Touch with your household project ideas. We will be happy to look at your item in person or by photograph and give you the restoration estimate.
Increase your investment value with household metal polishing.

Thoughtful Moments:
Psalms 110:5 - The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath.

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