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Polishing vs. Chrome

Polished Aluminum and Stainless Steel can add character to any piece. It looks similar to chrome in it's mirror finish, but resonates more color, allowing you to see the true metal without it being covered by plating. The new chrome almost looks like plastic.

  • The original purpose of plating was to protect iron and steel from rusting. If you were to plate an aluminum part the process is different for aluminum than for any other metal, therefore it is vital that it is done properly in order to assure the right brilliance and longevity. Although a piece of plated aluminum looks nice, keep in mind that aluminum, being a soft metal, can still be easily gouged or nicked. If a piece of aluminum is polished and you scratch it the scratch could be polished out, but if you gouge a piece of plated aluminum you have to go through the process of having it chromed all over again, which can turn out to be quite costly.
  • Polished aluminum, if done properly, looks every bit as good as a plated piece, some say even better, and with common sense maintenance it will look that way for years. For this is one of the reasons we do not recommend plating an aluminum car or motorcycle component.

         We can meet all your polishing needs, from the Avionic Industry to your Custom Car, Truck or Motorcycle and Marine. We also service items for your Home and Business. We can polish all metals, such as: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel, etc. Large jobs or small jobs, call for a quote today.


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