How To Polish A Motorcycle Frame

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How To Polish Motorcycle Frames

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How To Polish A Motorcycle Frame

How do you polish a motorcycle frame? It definately is not like polishing your car's paint job.

Most motorcycle frames are made of cast aluminum which is not easily polished to look like stainless steel.

Polishing cast aluminum is a craft that takes years of experience to master. The cast aluminum, if looked at with high magnification, would look like a landscape of ridges and valleys and occasionally a few meteor craters. The craftsman must know how to turn this landscape into a perfect glacier lake reflecting the blue sunshining sky.

It cannot just be buffed or sanded carelessly or the metal can be damaged.

Most cast aluminum is coated by dipping in a liquid, thus, anodized. (Learn more about anodizing at the Aluminum Anodizers Council, .) The anodized coating is best for stopping dirt which would embed in the aluminum casting.

However anodized metal cannot be polished. Therefore, there is a process which strips the anodized coating off of the aluminum part. This seal will not be needed once the part has been polished.

Once the bare aluminum is completely released of the anodized coating, then starts the process of polishing. The mountains and valleys must all be in perfect uniformity. All imperfections must be carefully removed without distorting the metal's contours.

Sanding may start at 120 grit and end at 1500 grit. There are angular techniques which must be followed when sanding and buffing metal. If this is not properly maintained, the metal shaping could be damaged or the polished reflection could be far from superior.

The peaks and valleys in the metal reflect light in infinite directions. This gives the metal the dull or matte finish. Polished metal should reflect light directly back to its source or exactly as the contour shape of the metal dictates. This is mirror reflection.

Once the metal has been polished the only upkeep left is to wipe it off. Your investment's benefits will continue as long as the metal is treated with respect.

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How To Polish Motorcycle Frame