Borobudur Temple, Indonesia’s UNESCO-recognized Cultural Heritage Site

Borobudur in Indonesia, even the biggest on the planet. UNESCO assigned it as a world legacy site in 1991. As well as being a world social legacy, Borobudur Temple is likewise one of the vacation destinations visited by numerous homegrown and global sightseers.

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Borobudur Temple is known as the best human magnum opus ever, with a game plan of volcanic blocks and help forms that are unique in esteem. The regular view around Borobudur Temple is additionally no less lovely.

Things to do in Borobudur temple

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there are numerous things that should be possible while in Borobudur Temple, among others;

1. Concentrate on writing and culture
2. Photographs
3. Keepsake hunting
4. visit the sanctuary complex


Borobudur Temple has opening times from 6 am to 5 pm consistently.

The cost for affirmation for grown-ups is around 30,000 rupiah and for kids 12,500 rupiah.

Notwithstanding, because of another guideline by the public authority, it is accounted for that the entry pass to Borobudur Temple is set at 750,000 Rupiah for each individual.

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